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母親節獻禮 :藜麥朱古力

前陣子在 City Super 見到有機藜麥黑朱古力,以為只是一種 gimmick,亦姑且買來一試。試過後覺得效果相當不錯,有威化朱古力的鬆脆口感,當然最重要的是有 superfood 藜麥(藜麥(quinoa)的營養價值詳情按此),頓時將吃朱古力合理化  😀

家中最近常備藜麥,趁着母親節,索性自己動手 繼續閱讀

情人節獻禮 : Homemade cognac truffles for the grown and sexy !!

cognac truffles

情人節獻禮 : Coated with Valrhona dark chocolate, but beneath each chocolate shell holds a little flaming secret of its own – a piquant mix of nut truffle, Cognac and a twist of orange zest that trickles with tasty pleasure. Ecstasy for the grown and sexy – Note, I said grown AND sexy, you can be grown but not sexy 😀 For those who are eligible, may these flaming secrets take you wherever they lead~~~~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

材料 :
Valrhona 黑朱古力 300g (100g用於外殼,200g用於朱古力內陷) 繼續閱讀